Welcome the new trendsetter – EPIC

“Entertainment”- this word defines different meaning to different people. To some entertainment is just a way to break the monotony in life, whereas to some entertainment is something more than that. The contribution of television in entertainment is known by all. Once, what is sarcastically called as ‘the idiot box’, now proudly proved itself as ‘smart and sharp’ enough to be an inseparable part of our life. Some of you may deny. Some of you may say that those complicated family melodrama aired on Indian channels make you sick and that is the reason you still want to call it a ‘lazy, idiot box’. Well, then we will say, you are badly missing the infotainment part of it.

Being bored of family dramas while you kept on changing channels randomly, you might have come across a channel named – EPIC but ignored it completely. However, if you want to change your notion about Indian entertainment, you ought to watch this channel for at least once. On 19th November 2014, Epic has been launched to change the face of Indian television with a promise to break the stereotype. Being India’s first segmented channel on History and Mythology, channel Epic is the end result of a great idea and execution with a potential to fetch changes in the basic Indian thought, which seems emaciated because of the lack of interest about the heritage, history, culture, and mythology of our own nation. With few great shows, like – Mid Wicket Tales With Naseeruddin Shah, Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan, Epic Ke Dus, Once More With Jaaved Jaaferi and many more remarkable programs, Epic has successfully turned many heads and broke the boredom of ‘saas-bahu daily dramas.  

Go for Dish TV Sports Pack, and get your eyes stuck on Epic channel. From the ancient thrill of the history to the rare and obsolete recipes of Indian cuisine, from the enigma behind an abandoned fort to the stories of famous cricketers, Epic comes with beautiful surprises for you, every day. So pick up your Dish TV All Sports Pack today and live an epic life.